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Attorney Pamela S. Schatten

Pamela Sue Schatten, Esquire is an AV-Rated attorney, which is the highest ethical standard given to attorneys.  Pamela went to Emory University for her undergraduate education and went to Brooklyn Law School for her law degree.  Pamela deals with estate planning, estate administration, guardianship, real estate, and family law.  Pamela works in the tri-county South Florida area.  Pamela truly cares about her clients, and adds heart and compassion to her legal work.

A few cases that Pamela has dealt with include the following:

One case that Pamela prides herself is helping a client from being lost to being found.  Her client would frequently get lost at an assisted living facility.  Pamela made it her mission to make sure that her client would not get lost, so she went to the neurologist with her.  The neurologist diagnosed her with severe dementia.  A woman with a Master’s Degree in Social Work, had declined so much that she could not remember her own mother’s name.  Pamela had her transferred to the Vi Aventura Memory Care Unit, and they have not lost her since.  She even had a birthday celebration at the Vi Aventura, and has all of her concerns met.

Revocable Trust of Dorothy Ann Fahey, no need for probate

Another case she recently has been dealing with is a contested guardianship where the brother wanted to act as the guardian for his brother because his wife was not caring for him instead, an autistic 14 year-old was caring for his father. In addition, the brother had owned two homes, and then owned only one home that was facing foreclosure. Regional counsel was appointed, Department of Children and Families researched the case and saw that the facts were true.  Now, the brother has been appointed as the guardian and is able to help his brother get the care and financial help he needs.

Guardianship of Marco Gaona, 50-2022GA000393, Circuit Court Palm Beach County.

Another case that Pamela had dealt with includes a client who recently lost his father, and mother was facing dementia.  The mother needed help and they had a house that was debilitated.  Pamela assisted with having her son appointed as Guardian.  She also assisted with the sale of their house and purchase of a new bigger house where her son, who was recently married could live and take care of the mother.  The house increased in value by one hundred fifty thousand and the son had another baby daughter.  A truly successful case.

Guardianship of Fatimeh Aziz, PRC200003205, Circuit Court of Broward County.

Some of the memberships that Pamela is active in include the following:

  • Broward County Bar Association
  • Member of the B’Nai B’rith Justice Unit #5207
  • Young President of Mount Sinai Medical Center
  • Secretary of the Hollywood Rowing Club
  • Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section of the Florida Bar
  • Broward Attorney Real Estate Council
  • Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
  • North Dade Real Estate Council
  • Realtor with Beachfront Realty
  • Attorney’s Title Fund in which she is an underwriting agent
  • Member of Legal Plans, ARAG and MetLaw Legal Plan
  • Estate Planning Member of the Florida Lawyer Network